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WSU: Space, Time, and Einstein with Brian Greene

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Join Brian Greene, acclaimed physicist and author, in a visual and conceptual exploration of Einstein’s spectacular insights into space, time and energy. All the startling conclusions of special relativity, from time travel to E=mc2 come from one idea: the constancy of the speed of light. Take a wild ride into the deepest aspects of reality that defy everyday experience. #WorldSciU These lectures were filmed in July–August 2014.

Experience the associated free online course at World Science U: https://worldscienceu.com/courses/space-time-and-einstein-brian-greene/
Official Site: https://www.worldscienceu.com

The Special Theory of Relativity - 00:05
Speed - 00:05:50
The Speed of Light - 00:18:23
Relativity of Simultaneity - 00:27:42
Time in Motion - 00:37:42
How Fast Does Time Slow? - 00:47:49
Time Dilation: Experimental Evidence - 01:05:31
The Reality of Past, Present, and Future - 01:14:37
Time Dilation: Intuitive Explanation - 01:28:38
Motion's Effect on Space - 01:32:34
The Pole in the Barn: Quantitative Details - 01:49:48
The Twin Paradox - 02:10:39
Implications for Mass - 02:19:17
Special Relativity - 02:29:06

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