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APEC 9/25: Super Relativity, The VEM Drive & Interstellar Live

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Mark Fiorentino discusses his model of Super Relativity, David Pares joins us from QED R&D to discuss the Variable Electromagnetic (VEM) Drive, Todd Desiato discusses spin stabilized magnetic levitation, and Mark Sokol joins us LIVE from the Interstellar Conference in Tucson with spot-interviews for this year’s conference presentations and exhibitors.

12:00pm PT – Mark Fiorentino – The Origin Of Mass, Gravity & Inertia

Mark’s goal in developing the Theory of Super Relativity is to complete Einstein’s dream of a Unified Field Theory, which he proposes to be ab aether theory in which the aether is a quasi-elastic solid and the the fundamental field from which all other effects are simply manifestations of. In this model, all forces, energies and particles are consubstantial within the aether, which provides the origin of mass, inertia, and gravity. He will also describe how this model allows the creation of an antigravity effect and proposed space drive.

2:00pm PT – David Pares – The Variable Electromagnetic Drive

For the last seven years, the Quantum Electrodynamics R&D team has been developing a proprietary Variable Electromagnetic (VEM) Drive that compresses the fabric of space. The VEM Drive requires no liquid propellant that chemical and ion drives require to move through space. The team has performed replicable demonstrations that the VEM Drive (Version 18) can produce up to three pounds of pull solely on battery power, and plans to construct a more powerful set of drives capable of achieving autonomous lift for space propulsion applications.

4:00pm PT – Todd Desiato- Spin-Stabilized Magnetic Levitation vs. Gravity

Todd will be briefly discussing spin-stabilized magnetic levitation, a phenomenon of magnetic levitation whereby a spinning magnet is levitated via magnetic forces above another magnet and stabilized by a gyroscopic effect due to its spin.

4:30pm PT – Mark Sokol – Interstellar Conference Live

Mark will be broadcasting live from the APEC booth at the 7th Interstellar Symposium, which takes place fromSeptember 25-27, 2021 in Tucson, AZ at the Tucson Marriott University Park. This symposium will directly follow the NASA NIAC symposium and will take place along with the “Art of Planetary Science” art show.

7:00pm PT – Open Discussion & Ad Hoc Presentations

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.

Links & Resources:
• Mark Fiorentino: Super Relativity Website
• David Pares: QED Website QED Documents QED Videos
• Todd Desiato: Engineering A Bridge Between QED & QEG (PDF)
• Falcon Space Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website

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