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5 Ogres Caught on Camera & Spotted in Real Life

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Ogres. These mythical creatures have had their fair share of screen time both on the big screen and small. Here at ApexTV, we count down the top 5 ogres caught on camera & spotted in real life. While Shrek is not in this video, we instead look at footage of supposed real life ogres caught on tape.

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Number 5: Skunk Ape
The skunk ape is a monster that patrols around the Southern USA. Some of the folks believe it to be the legendary skunk ape, a half ogre half ape that goes around eating animals and-some believe-humans. Though it does sound far-fetched, many people are quick to tell that apes will turn into cannibals if the situation for their survival becomes too dire. If so, it is only a matter of time before the skunk ape eats again.

Number 4: The thing in the woods
Often times, ogres and the yeti have been mixed together into a class of their own, especially in regions of Nepal where sightings of the monster are frequent. In this picture, it shows a large shadowy figure either hopping or running away in a large field. Like bigfoot in America, ogres and the yeti are elusive creatures who are rarely captured on camera. As a result, many believe them not to be true.

Number 3: Oni
The Japanese Oni are mythical god-like creatures that take the form as scary creatures that will terrorize people it comes across. That the case, this footage shows what appears to be a Japanese Oni marching with Japanese troops in pre-war Japan. Little is known about this footage but in keeping with tradition, it appears to be an actual Oni marching in a parade and posing for a picture.

Number 2: The Beast
This photo shows what appears to be an ogre-like beast in China. The man who captured the picture claimed he wandered off to pee when he saw the creature and took a few pictures of it. Although many people calling it fake with even one man claiming to be in the costume for a movie, one still has to ask…is it true?

Number 1: Norwegian Giant
Although we would love to put Shrek right here, this spot goes to something more terrifying than layers on an onion. In World War 2, Axis forces were invading Norway when they angered an ogre. Many accounts of a giant beast have been documented and from this picture, you can see just how massive and terrifying these creatures truly are.

That’s all for us today! Thanks for watching our video of the top 5 ogres caught on camera and spotted in real life. If you want to see us do a list on anything else, leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to ApexTV for more videos like this.

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