Jupiters Moon Europa Best Place To Find Alien Life
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Jupiters Moon Europa Best Place To Find Alien Life

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Huge plumes of water have been spurting out of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons – and it might be the best place in our solar system to find aliens.

The shock finding comes from a new look at old data, and has led scientists to confirm that the moon is a leading candidate in our search for alien life.

Europa has long been seen as a possible candidate to have extraterrestrial life in our own solar system. But getting to it seemed almost impossible: the planet is thought to be covered in a thick crust of ice that would stop us from reaching the ocean beneath.

The new discovery makes it much easier to actually find: the plume means that scientists can “taste” the water on the moon, helping them understand what might be found there.

The research, headed by University of Michigan space physicist Xianzhe Jia, was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

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